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Logarithm Questions with Solutions

Put into practice what you have learned about logarithmic equations with the following problems. Solve the problems and choose your answer. Check your answer to verify that you selected the
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Discrete Logarithm Problem

For problems 13 – 15 write each of the following in terms of simpler logarithms log(3x4y−7) log ( 3 x 4 y − 7) Solution ln(x√y2 +z2) ln ( x y 2 + z 2) Solution log4( x −4 y2 5√z)
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Discrete logarithm

It is advisable to try to solve the problem first before looking at the solution. EXAMPLE 1 Rewrite the exponential function $latex { {8}^2}=64$ to its equivalent logarithmic function. Solution


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How to solve logarithmic equations

Write each of the following in terms of simpler logarithms. log(3x4y−7) log ( 3 x 4 y − 7) Solution ln(x√y2 +z2) ln ( x y 2 + z 2) Solution log4( x −4 y2 5√z) log 4 ( x − 4 y 2 z 5)

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