Complex power equations

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True, Reactive, and Apparent Power

Complex numbers are those with the formula a + ib, where a and b are real numbers and I (iota) is the imaginary component and represents (-1), and are often represented

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Some Equations Useful in AC Power Calculations

Complex Power Formulas: Complex Power in Capacitive Loads. Z = R – jX C; I = I P + jI Q; Cosθ = R / |Z| (leading) I* = I P – jI Q; S = P – jQ; A Capacitive Load
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Definition Power Triangle and Complex Power AC Circuits

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Complex Power : Example 1

When a voltage V causes a current I to flow through a reactive load Z, the complex power S is: S = VI* where I* is the conjugate of the complex current I. Inductive Load. Z = R + jX

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