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Similar Problems from Web Search. How do you solve 4x−1 = 4 ? x = 45 Explanation: Add 1 to both sides of the equation. This will 'isolate' x-term. so 4x - 1 + 1 = 4 + 1 and 4x = 5 (divide both
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Noe Hanna

Something I would recommend, if it's not already there, is a way to choose how you want the problem solved, this may already exist, but if it doesn't then it would be a wonderful addition. Math was never my best subject. This app has been the best app i have used so far in math problems and it has really been helpful, thank you so much for the technology behind this app.

John Smith

It's easy to use, and helps get the job done, it provides you deatailed and easy solution to almost every algebric,geometric,calulative problem of maths just by clicking a simple pic. I usually have to type in complex fractions. Its very useful app it never let me down it solves every question i write and with the camera feature makes it a lot easier i really recommend this app for students.


What is 4x16?

Spelled result in words is twelve. How do we solve fractions step by step? Multiple: 3 4 * 16 = 3 · 16 4 · 1 = 48 4 = 12 · 4 1 · 4 = 12 Multiply both numerators and denominators. Result fraction

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A Burris 4x16 will cover deer, elk and varmints. What times what times what times equals 64? 8x8 4x16 2x32 1x64 and 25638659209861x4.0060405E11 apparently, all credit to

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