What is the equation of the graphed line in point-slope form?

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Slope-Intercept and Point-Slope Forms of a Linear Equation

For the points , slope is: Now, for a line with slope 'm' and a point on it is given as: Plug in all the values and determine the equation of the line. This gives, Therefore, the equation of the line is: Advertisement.

R. Point-Slope Form of a Line (problems with answers)

Topics in this video: 1. Intro to intercepts 2. x-intercepts of a line 3. Intercepts from an equation 4. Intro to slope 5. Slope formula 6. Slope from equati

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The equation of the graphed line in point-slope form is

If it's equal to zero, the line is horizontal. You can find the slope between two points by estimating rise over run - the difference in height over a distance between two points. So

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