What is coordinate in maths

A set of values that show an exact position. On graphs it is usually a pair of numbers: the first number shows the distance along, and the second number shows the distance up or down. Example: the point (12,5) is 12 units along, and

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Coordinate system and ordered pairs

In mathematics, coordinates are a set of numbers that specify the position of a point in a coordinate system. A number line is a 1D (one dimensional) coordinate system. A real number that matches the location of a point along a number line

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What Are Coordinates: Explained For Primary School

A pair of numbers that describe the position of a point on a coordinate plane by using the horizontal and vertical distances from the two reference axes. Usually represented by (x,y) the
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Coordinates In Maths

A coordinate plane is a two-dimensional plane formed by the intersection of two number lines. One of these number lines is a horizontal number line called the x-axis and the other number line is a vertical number line called the y-axis. These

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What are Coordinates in Math? Definition, Examples, Facts

A coordinate system or frame of reference is used to locate the position of any point which points are often plotted as an ordered pair (x, y) referred to as Coordinates.

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