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Examples of Solutions Sugar-water, salt solution, brass, alloys, alcohol in water, aerosol, air, aerated drinks such as Coca-Cola, etc. are examples of solutions. When we work with

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Number of solutions to equations

If there are two or more variables in the equation, then there may be infinite solutions. For example, y = x 2 has infinite solutions: for any real number x we choose, we can easily find a

Equations with infinitely many or no solutions

Sometimes it’s possible to look at the structure of an equation and tell if it has infinitely many solutions or no solutions. For example, look at 2 (12x + 18) + 6 = 18x + 6 (x + 7) Using the

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Solving Equations with Infinite Solutions or No Solutions

Example 1-5 : In each of the linear equation, say whether the equation has infinitely many solutions or no solution. Example 1 : 4x - 3 = 2x + 13. Solution : 4x - 3 = 2x + 13. Add 3 to both sides. 4x = 2x + 16 Subtract 2x from each side. 2x = 16. Divide each side by 2. x = 8. Justify and Evaluate : Substitute x = 8 in the given equation.

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