How to do log problems

Well let's experiment a little bit, so 3 to the first power is just 3, 3 to the second power is 9, 3 to the third power is 27, 3 to the fourth power, 27 times 3 is equal to 81. 3 to the fourth power is equal to 81. 'X'

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How to solve logarithmic equations

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Intro to logarithms (video)

Solve log2(x) = 4 Since this equation is in the form log (of something) equals a number, rather than log (of something) equals log (of something else), I can solve the equation by using The

3 Ways to Solve Logarithms

How do you do simple log problems? How do you find the value of log 100? 1 Answer ab=c⇔logac=b. ab=c⇔log10(100)=b. 10b=100⇔log10(100)=b. How do you find the value of

Solving Log Equations with Exponentials

For problems 13 – 15 write each of the following in terms of simpler logarithms log(3x4y−7) log ( 3 x 4 y − 7) Solution ln(x√y2 +z2) ln ( x y 2 + z 2) Solution log4( x −4 y2 5√z)

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Mathematics is the study of numbers, shapes, and patterns. It is used to solve problems and to understand the world around us.

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