Monotone mathematics

Monotone function A function of one variable, defined on a subset of the real numbers, whose increment $ \Delta f ( x) = f ( x ^ \prime ) - f ( x) $, for $ \Delta x = x ^ \prime - x

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Monotonous function or monotonic function

An operator $A$, in general non-linear and acting from $E$ into $E^*$, is called monotone if $$\operatorname {Re} (Ax_1-Ax_2,x_1-x_2)\geq0\label {1}\tag {1}$$ for any

Monotone function

is that monotone is (mathematics) property of a function to be either always decreasing or always increasing while monotonic is (mathematics) said of a function that either never decreases or

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Monotonicity and Extremum of functions

Monotone means no negation. I'm interpreting that to mean that members of the set are booleans and have the values is of class A or is not of class A. Wouldn't the latter

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Mathematics is the study of numbers, shapes, and patterns.