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Excellent app, very helpful examples with clear explanations, i didn't use it for cheat tho, amazingly fast results no matter the equation, getting awnsers from this app is as easy as you could imagine.

George Corcoran

Works well, the interface is easy to understand. Just a superb app, the design is fantastic and very simple which makes it easier to navigate and understand, my school is kind of built like a whole bunker so sometimes my problems won't fully go through.

William Armstrong

This is the best app i ever came across, you can take pictures of your math problem and it'll give you the answer, the camera scanner works great and any misreadings easily corrected. This was worth it.

Frank McCaskill

I played Cool Math Games & loved it

Use your mouse to click and drag cards across the board and place them in stacks of descending order on the tableau. You are only allowed to stack cards in alternating colors, so be mindful of
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