Spherical coordinates calculator

Use Calculator to Convert Rectangular to Spherical Coordinates 1 - Enter x, y and z and press the button Convert. You may also change the number of decimal places as needed; it has to be a positive integer. The angles θ and ϕ are given

Spherical Integral Calculator

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Cartesian to Spherical Coordinates Calculator

The spherical coordinates calculator is also able to recalculate the spherical coordinates into rectangular ones. It uses the following equations: x = r * sin θ * cos φ y = r * sin θ * sin φ z = r * cos θ Don't forget to check our other

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Online conversion calculation between 3D rectangular

Spherical Coordinate System. Conic Sections: Parabola and Focus. example

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Cartesian to Spherical coordinates Calculator

Additionally, spherical coordinates includes a distance called starting from origin. This distance depend on and . You will write a two variable function for using x and y for and respectively. Review the spherical coordinates by using below