Dependent system of equations

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Inconsistent and Dependent Systems in Two Variables

Inconsistent and Dependent Systems of Equations - Problem 2. Some systems of equations will have no solution, meaning that the graphs of the lines never intersect. In other words, the lines

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Solving a Dependent System of Linear Equations involving 3

A consistent system is considered to be a dependent system if the equations have the same slope and the same y-intercepts. In other words, the lines coincide so the equations

How Do You Write Out the Solutions to a Dependent System

The two equations might actually be the same line, as in y = x + 10 2y = 2x + 20. These are equivalent equations. The lines are actually the same line, and they 'cross' at infinitely many points (every point on the line). In this case, there are

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Inconsistent and Dependent Systems of Equations

They're not dependent on each other. They're not the same line. They will intersect at one place. Dependent-- they're the exact same line. Any point that satisfies one line will satisfy the other. Any points

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Solutions to systems of equations: dependent vs. independent

A system of equations is a set of one or more equations involving a number of variables. The solutions to systems of equations are the variable mappings such that all component

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Consistent and Dependent Systems

When the values satisfy the two equations, then the equations are called dependent. The second method to determine the system is a dependent system or not is the intercepts and slope