How to find a scale factor of a dilation

Step 3: To find the scale factor of two circles, first, identify the radii of the circles. With the radii, set up the ratio. $$\text {scale factor} = \frac {\text {the radius of the dilated


Dilation Geometry

To find the scale factor of a dilation, identify a pair of corresponding sides. Corresponding sides are those that are in the same location in both the original and new figures. Determine

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What is a Dilation in Geometry? (Video & Practice Questions)

Multiply each original point of the polygon by the scale factor to get the new points. original points ×scale factor (xoriginal, yoriginal) ×scale factor = new points = (xnew, ynew) Step 5. Plot the

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How do you calculate the scale factor of a dilation?

So to figure out the length of segment A'E', this is going to be, you could think of it as the image of segment AE. And so you can see that the length of AE is equal to two. And so the length of A'E' is going to be equal to AE which is two times the