Diamond ratio calculator

For instance, if a diamond has a length of 5mm and a width of 3mm, the length to width ratio is 1.67. Diamond Depth. Depth percentage is calculated by dividing the depth of the diamond (its height) by its width. For

Evaluating Diamond Size: A Diamond Must Look Its Weight

In this pattern: A = factor 1. B = factor 2. Product = the number got by multiplying both the factors. Sum= addition result of both the factors. Our best diamond calculator math will instantly

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Diamond Weight Calculator

Calculating the ratio of an emerald cut diamond is even simpler than for the oval cut. It simply involves dividing the vertical length of the diamond, (measured in the center of the diamond

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Diamond Weight Calculator

Diamond Buyer – This is the price you can expect to get if you sell your diamond to an online diamond buyer. We maintain a list of trusted online diamond buyers that we recommend, but

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Diamond Weight Calculator

The diamond weight calculator is fairly simple to use. All you need to do is: Enter the diamond dimensions (the diameter or length, width, and depth) in mm. You can also select the girdle

Diamond Proportion 101: Your Perfect Diamond Formula

For example, let's say that we want to solve the diamond problem for factors 13 13 and 4 4: Calculate the product. = 13 × 4 = 52. = 13 \times 4 = 52 = 13 ×4 = 52, and write the

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