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5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. A very helpful app used in solving mathematics. Very simple to use, quick answers, and very accurate answers as well. Didn't answer all of my questions but great learning experience and also shows how to do the problem.

Lazaro Clay

If you need help just download this, it's a good app, when it's "incorrect" it's cause it put it in a different form of the correct answer. Although I very much enjoyed the scan feature, it made things pretty quick, I see why they removed it it makes things more fluent in the app as you use It.

Elmer Young

It doesn't have ads which is amazing too! I do miss the old version where it didn't need internet but it's still the same. I tried solving the examples on our modules to see if the app gives legit and same answer and it did, i'm using this to help me graduate during my senior year, and this has been the only app to be able to do Algebra 2 math problems.

Tom Lawson

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Equations with variables on both sides

5x + 3 = 7x – 1. first we need to collect like terms. second is to undo addition and subtraction. third and the last is to undo multiplication and

Practice Solving Equations

Solve each of the following equations and check your answer. 4x−7(2−x) = 3x+2 4 x − 7 ( 2 − x) = 3 x + 2 Solution. 2(w+3)−10 = 6(32−3w) 2 ( w + 3) − 10 = 6 ( 32 − 3 w) Solution.
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Solving Equation Worksheets

This algebra 1 foldable organizes notes and practice for solving equations. The foldable is organized by the following tabs:One-Step EquationsTwo-Step EquationsMulti-Step

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