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Isolate the Variable (Transposition) – Techniques & Examples. Before we can learn about transposition, let’s take a review of what an equation is. In mathematics, an algebraic equation

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What does it mean to isolate a variable

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Isolating a Variable

2. a : to find and deal with (something, such as a problem) by removing other possibilities. It may take several days to isolate the problem. [=to find out exactly what the problem is] b technical :

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Isolate A Variable

isolate. [ i´so-lāt] 1. to separate from others, or set apart. 2. a group of individuals prevented by geographic, genetic, ecologic, or social barriers from interbreeding with others of their kind. 3. a
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Isolating a Variable

5 others. contributed. Isolating a variable means rearranging an algebraic equation so that a different variable is on its own. The goal is to choose a sequence of operations that will leave

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