Mid point geometry

Midpoint Theorem states that “the line segment in a triangle crossing the midpoints of two sides of the triangle is said to be parallel to its third side and is also half the length of the third side. In midpoint theorem-proof, we

Formula, How to Find Midpoint? Examples

Given a line segment with endpoints A and B, the midpoint is the point located exactly between A and B, meaning that it is the same distance from A and B, as in the figure below. The midpoint formula can be used when two points on a
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It's important to note that a midpoint is the middle point on a line segment. A true line in geometry is infinitely long in both directions. But a line segment has 2 endpoints so it is possible to

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Midpoint of Segment

So the midpoint is going to be-- the x values are 8 and 4. It's going to be 8 plus 4 over 2. And the y value is going to be-- well, we have a 2 and a negative 5. So you get 2 plus negative 5 over 2. And what is this