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Domain and Range

Domain and range – Examples with answers EXAMPLE 1 Find the domain and range for the function f ( x) = x 2 + 5. Domain: The function f ( x) = x 2 + 5 is defined for all values of x since there is no restriction on the value of x.
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How to find the domain of a function? Examples

In mathematics, functions are written as equations. They can also be shown as a graph. Domain and Range. A function's input is called the domain, and a function's output is

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Domain of a Function: Examples

The following domain and range examples have their respective solution. Each solution details the process and reasoning used to obtain the answer. EXAMPLE 1 Find the domain and the range of the function $latex f (x)= { {x}^2}+1$.

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Domain, Range and Codomain

Example: a simple function like f (x) = x 2 can have the domain (what goes in) of just the counting numbers {1,2,3,}, and the range will then be the set {1,4,9,} And another function g (x) = x 2 can have the domain of integers {,-3,-2
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