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How to find the x intercept on a graphing calculator

X Intercept on a Graph. To find the x-intercept of a line of the form y = mx+b, substitute y = 0. Example: To calculate the x-intercept of any line for example the line y = 2x−4, put y = 0 in the equation of a line. Solution: 0 = 2x−4. 4 = 2x. 2 = x.

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TI 84 Plus CE Calculator Find the X and Y Intercepts

This x and y intercept calculator will instantly figure out x and y intercepts for a straight line equation, function, or expression. Simply input the function and the tool will let you know what

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How to Use a Graphing Calculator to Find the X-intercepts

Steps for Finding the X-Intercepts of Graph Using the TI-84 Enter the equation into Y1 Press GRAPH Open the Calculate Function ( 2ND TRACE) Select Option 2: ZERO Move the

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Finding the X-Intercepts of a Function Using the TI-83 Family

First calculate the square root, then find the difference in the numerator. Finally, divide by 2. [15] For example: 8 Find the ordered pairs for
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