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Choose Find the Domain and Range from the topic selector and click to see the result in our Calculus Calculator ! Examples . Find the Domain and Range Find the Domain Find the Range.

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Find the Domain Calculator

f (x) = x 2 The function f (x) = x2 has a domain of all real numbers ( x can be anything) and a range that is greater than or equal to zero. Two ways in which the domain and range of a function can be written are: interval notation and set

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Functions Domain Calculator

The domain of a function is the set of all possible inputs for the function. For example, the domain of f (x)=x² is all real numbers, and the domain of g (x)=1/x is all real numbers except for x=0. We can also define special functions whose domains are more limited. Sort by:

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How To Find The Domain of a Function

State the domains of the following functions using inequalities. 1. f (x) = x 2 2. g (x) = √x 1. x 2 is a polynomial that is defined for all x values, so its domain is -∞ < x < ∞. 2. √x is an even root, so

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Write Domain and Range Given an Equation

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How to find the domain of a function (video)

The domain of a function f (x) f (x) is expressed as D (f) D(f). We suggest you to read how to find zeros of a function and zeros of quadratic function first. Rules to remember when finding the Domain of a Function We
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