How to find e(x^2) from e(x)

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Random Variability

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Solving for $E(X^2)$ if I know $E(X)

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Using this law allows us to obtain x as a multiplier. First step - take ln of both sides. ⇒ lnex = ln2 ⇒ xlne1 = ln2 ⇒ x = ln2. Answer link.

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Expected Values

x is the value of the continuous random variable X. P(x) is the probability mass function of X. Properties of expectation Linearity. When a is constant and X,Y are random variables: E(aX) =

Finding E[X^2] from a given random variable with distinct

Simplify (e^ (-x))^2 (e−x)2 ( e - x) 2 Apply the power rule and multiply exponents, (am)n = amn ( a m) n = a m n. e−x⋅2 e - x ⋅ 2 Multiply 2 2 by −1 - 1. e−2x e - 2 x

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