Find the area of shapes

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Area of Shapes

Because these formulas involve 2D shapes, all area calculations have a “2” exponent (also known as a superscript or power) to indicate that the shape has two sides. How
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7 Ways to Find the Area of a Shape

The Formula for finding the Area for the Basic Shapes. Area of Circle = 3.14 * r * r*. Area of Triangle = 0.5 * base * height. Area of Rectangle = breadth * length. Area of Square = side *

Area Calculator

The Area of the Shape ABCDEF is: Total Area (ABCDEF) = Area (ABCG) + Area (GDEF) + Area (aob) Total Area = (AB × AG) + (GD × DE) + (1⁄2 × π × ob2) Total Area = (3 × 4) + (10 × 4) + (1⁄2 × 3.14 × 12) Total Area = 12 + 40 + 1.57 Hence

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Area Calculator

The area of the trapezoid is calculated as follows: area = 9 + 29.528 2 × 9 = 173.376 sq ft Circle A circle is a simple closed shape formed by the set of all