Find the value of sin

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Learn the Formula to Calculate Sin Values

Sin Values. sin 0° = √(0/4) = 0. sin 30° = √(1/4) = ½. sin 45° = √(2/4) = 1/√2. sin 60° = √3/4 = √3/2. sin 90° = √(4/4) = 1. Cos Values. cos 0° = √(4/4) = 1. cos 30° =

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Find the value of $\sin 2013^\circ

Find the value of sin (2700) Answer: Sin 270 degrees has a value of -1. In radians, sin 270 degrees is represented as sin (270°/180°), i.e., sin (3/2 (π)) means sin (4.712388. . .). Sin (-270
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How do I find the sin of any angle?

Solution Find the value given trigonometric expression. Given, sin 270 ∘ can be expressed as, sin 270 ∘ = sin ( 180 ∘ + 90 ∘) Since sin is a periodic function of time period 2 π, also negative in


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