Equation of a line with x and y intercepts

/ Plane geometry Calculates the linear equation and slope given the x and y intercepts. Linear equation with two intercepts y=−b ax+b θ=tan−1(b a) L i n e a r e q u a t i o n w i t h t w o i n t e r c e p t s y = − b a x + b θ = tan − 1 ( b a)

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How do you write an equation of the line with x-intercept 3 and

Examples of How to Graph a Line using the x and y-intercepts Example 1: Graph the equation of the line 2x-4y=8 2x − 4y = 8 using its intercepts. I hope you recognize that this is an equation of a line in Standard Form where both the x x

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Slope Intercept Form Calculator

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Find the X and Y Intercepts of a Line Using Algebra

x/(5/2) + y/(5/3) = 1, which is the equation of given line in intercept form Thus, x-intercept of given line is 5/2 or 2.5 and y-intercept of given line is
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