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Quadratic equations difference of squares

Some quadratic equations are in the form of a difference of squares: The quadratic equation above is a difference of squares because a square number (a number multiplied by itself) is

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How to Solve Quadratic Equations using the Difference of Two

The Difference of Two Squares theorem tells us that if our quadratic equation may be written as a difference between two squares, then it may be factored into two binomials, one a sum


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Special Factoring: Differences of Squares

Factoring quadratics: Difference of squares Intro: Difference of squares pattern. Note that and in the pattern can be any algebraic expression. The polynomial Example 1: Factoring. Both and are perfect squares, since and . Since the

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Solving a Quadratic Equation Using a Difference of Squares

Every quadratic equation has two values of the unknown variable, usually known as the roots of the equation (α, β). What is Difference of Squares? The difference of two

Solving a Quadratic Equation by Factoring


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