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Lbm calculator

Lean body mass calculator Select gender & units Enter your weight & height *Note: Enter pounds and inches if you selected US Imperial and kg and cm if you selected metric.

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Lean Body Mass Calculator

How To Use The LBM Calculator. Our LBM calculator is extremely simple to use. Step 1: Choose your unit of measurement (imperial or metric) Step 2: Select your gender. Step

Lean Body Mass Calculator

Our lean body mass calculator (a.k.a. fat-free body mass calculator) works by using four body measurements: height, neck, waist, and hips, age and gender, to estimate the percentage and

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Lean Body Mass Calculator: Charts & Measurements

By using this LBM calculator, you can easily calculate the LBM. Have a look at the primary interface: Lean body mass calculator the basic interface is quite simple and clear. Every

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Lean Body Mass Calculator

The formula is used to compute an eLBM based on an estimated extracellular volume (eECV) as follows: eECV = 0.0215·W 0.6469 ·H 0.7236 eLBM = 3.8·eECV In the formulas above, W is the

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Lean Body Mass

This tool is exceptionally easy to use. Simply follow the five basic steps below: 1. Select your measurement system (imperial or metric) 2. Select your gender (female or male) 3. Input

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