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How To Calculate Mode (With Examples)

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How to Calculate the Mode or Modal Value

Double click on MODE.MULT function. A dialog box appears where arguments for MODE.MULT function needs to be filled or entered =MODE.MULT (number1, [number2], = MODE.MULT (H8: H24) Here, the score data is present in the

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Mean Median Mode

The mode is calculated using the formula given below Mode = L + (fm−f1)h / (fm−f1)+ (fm−f2) Mode = 165.5 + (142 – 118) * 3 / (142 – 118)+ (142 – 127) Mode = 167.35 Explanation The mode can be simply explained as the value which is most frequently occurring in the data set. See more

Mode Formula

Mode: Mean is the average value that is equal to the ration of sum of values in a data set and total number of values. Mean = Sum of observations/Number of observations: Median is the central

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MODE function

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