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Perimeter Word Problems

The key to solving perimeter word problems is to know two things: 1) The formula of the perimeter of a rectangle. Perimeter of a Rectangle Formula: P = 2 L + 2 W. {\textbf {\textit {P =

Algebra I: Word Problem Worksheet Name

The perimeter is 44 cm. Find the length and the width. {The width is being used to describe the length, so let x = width} {Also “width” comes after the word “than”} x = width x + 12 = length
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Word Problems: Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle

Whose rectangle has a greater perimeter? Concept Development. Problem 1: Solve perimeter word problems with rectangles. Mrs. Kozlow put a border around a 5-foot by 6-foot rectangular

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Math is the study of numbers, space, and structure.

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To solve a math equation, you need to find the value of the variable that makes the equation true.