How to find local max and min

Maxima and minima of a function are also called extremum points. If the maximum and minimum points are in a given domain they are called local extremums. That is


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Finding Maxima and Minima using Derivatives

f (-2) = -16 + 12 + 24. f (-2) = 20. f' (x) changes from negative to positive when it passes through x = -2, so it has local maximum at x = 1. Local minimum at x = 1 : f (1) = 2 (1) 3 + 3 (1) 2 −12 (1) f

How to find local minimum graphing functions of curves

Arithmetic Mean Geometric Mean Quadratic Mean Median Mode Order Minimum Maximum Probability Mid-Range Range Standard Deviation Variance Lower Quartile Upper Quartile

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Maximum and Minimum

The second derivative is y'' = 30x + 4. At x = −3/5: y'' = 30 (−3/5) + 4 = −14. it is less than 0, so −3/5 is a local maximum. At x = +1/3: y'' = 30 (+1/3) + 4 = +14. it is greater than 0, so +1/3 is a local
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