Finding the x-intercepts of a function

Example: Find the intercepts of x 2 − 5x + y 2 + 3y = 0. x intercept: set y=0. x 2 − 5x + 0+ 0 = 0. x(x−5) = 0. x = 0 and 5. The points are (0,0) and (5,0) y intercept: set x=0. 0 − 0 + y 2 + 3y = 0.

How can I find the horizontal intercept of the equation y=-4x^2

Find the horizontal intercept(s) (the x-intercepts) by solving [latex]r(x)=0[/latex]. Since the function is undefined where the denominator equals zero], set the numerator equal to zero to

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Horizontal and Vertical Intercepts

Use the degree of the numerator and denominator of a rational function to determine what kind of horizontal asymptote it will have. Calculate slant asymptotes. Determine the intercepts of a
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Horizontal Asymptotes and Intercepts

Write the slope-intercept equation, but instead of m, use the slope of your line. Example 1 (cont.): y = mx + b m = slope = 2 y = 2x + b 4 Replace x and y with the coordinates of

Find the x and y Intercepts f(x)=x^2+14x+49

The \(y\)-intercept of a horizontal line with equation \(y = a\) is \((0, a)\) and the \(y\)-intercept of a vertical line does not exist. \(y\)-intercept in general form The equation of a
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